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​200 hour yoga teacher training michigan


"When I first began the Be The Love 200 hour training I was not sure what to expect. I thought, we’d learn some poses and talk about yoga, but other than that I had no idea what we would be covering. Little did I know I was about to embark on one of the most amazing journeys of my life. Tiffany opened my eyes to a world of yoga that I didn’t even know existed, and not only that, she opened me up to a part of myself I hadn’t even discovered yet. While learning about the poses and how to craft a yoga class I ended up learning even more about myself and my place in this world. Tiffany is an exceptional teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge that really prepared me to start teaching and begin sharing yoga with others. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to not only deepen their own practice but who have a passion for sharing the gift of yoga with their community."
- Kristine Olsen

​"I started the YTT curriculum with only one thing in mind. Getting better with my poses. I had no idea that this course would end up changing my life. I ended up finding myself, changing my position in my job, and became aware of my body. Incredible journey, from an incredible teacher. I would recommend this experience to everyone."
- Dennis Bluthhardt

“If you're thinking about expanding your yoga practice, and becoming a confident, knowledgeable yoga instructor, don't hesitate! Be the Love Yoga Teacher Training is that and so much more. Not only has my personal yoga practice improved, I am a better instructor, able to teach many levels and to the specific needs of the individual. I have developed a deeper connection with myself, the universe, my students, and a friendship with fellow classmates that will last a lifetime.”

- Marsha Blanchard

"Be the Love Yoga Teacher Training has been an amazing experience. I enrolled with the intention of growing in my own practice and what I got was an enriching and transformational experience. Tiffany is a wonderful, loving instructor who provides encouragement and strength to all of her students. She is passionate about what she does and is eager to share herself openly and honestly with everyone. Her curriculum is very thorough and challenging and leaves you very well prepared to make the shift from student to instructor. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing my own love of yoga with others."

- Jennifer Villarreal

“I thought I knew what yoga was; I had studied it in college and practiced it for two years. Then I met Tiffany Lenau. Her breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise is met with her concern for health and passion for service. Her words are well placed with succinct instruction and nonjudgmental comfort. The Yoga Roots studios are an extension of her heart; a safe and sacred space shared with all those that wish to be the love in this world community. I am honored to be a part of this effort, as a student, and now, fellow teacher. Thank you, forever!"

- Michael Swartz

"I was thoroughly pleased with having completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Be the Love Yoga Teacher Teacher Training School. The requirements and standards of Be the Love surpass most YTT programs, providing excellent instruction and opportunity for class observations and student teaching. In addition to 180 contact hours, 15 hours of class observations and 10 hours of student teaching were required. Class size was deliberately kept small, allowing for individual assistance and feedback. At the completion of this training I felt competent to teach a variety of yoga classes including those for children, seniors, and high intensity vinyasa flows for intermediate students."
Be the Love Yoga Teacher Training School exemplifies the yogi philosophy, requiring volunteer teaching in the community and sharing the benefits of Yoga with all. Not only did I learn about the asanas (positions) and pranayama’s (breathing techniques), I experienced a full yogi journey of emotional and spiritual growth. This level of instruction and understanding can only be obtained over time. Don’t deny yourself the benefit of a six-month YTT program. I have researched many other YTT programs offered across the U.S. and found Be the Love to be one of the best values for both its price and quality of instruction." 
- Rebecca Glotfelty 

“Tiffany is patient, clear, and concise as a teacher. Her well rounded curriculum, understanding, and task management skills made us feel comfortable, even in the most un-comfortable situations. She celebrated all in the class and did not single others out. Tiffany is fun and lighthearted with a beautiful heart.”

- Amanda Bacon

“Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable. It is clear that this is her passion. Class was well designed; comparing to programs my friends went through, this is so much more detailed and I am so much better prepared.”
- Jason Major

“Be The Love Yoga School was a multi dimensional approach. It was not just about asanas, but it was about finding what sits well with my soul.”
- Barb Rogers

​"Tiffany Lenau's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training gave me much more than the knowledge to lead, it also gave me the tools to heal. Be the Love, is exactly where I needed to be. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of something so pure, full of love and intention."
- Samantha Samson 

"I will start off by saying it is an under statement of how much I enjoyed this training.  My wife and I had the idea of becoming yoga teachers by going through Tiffany's program, but we had no idea of the profound and amazing transformations we were going to go through.   
We had an idea of what a training such as this one might entail, but Tiffany's knowledge and program outline exceeded our wildest dreams. I not only became competent of how to run a successful yoga program, but I became a more rounded individual in doing so.  This program not only prepares you to become a great educator, it takes your view of the world, what ever it may be, and polishes it up so you can be prepared to help others change their lives for the better.  It was life changing for me to say the least. 
Being the only man in a class of 9 women, I was welcomed with open arms and treated not as an outsider, but a family member.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed on with my wife, but with Tiffany's guidance and my fellow class mates support, I enjoyed every second of everyday we were together.  I went in to the training being a man and came out being a loving, caring and confident human being, gaining 9 sisters along the way.  It was an experience that I will never forget. I can not say enough great things about the Be the Love Teacher Training. I learned to be a great yoga teacher, I discovered and uncovered things about myself I never knew, and formed bonds with people that will last a life time.  Thank you Tiffany, you are truly one of a kind!"  
- Garret Jacobs 

“The most important thing I learned was to recognize when ego is dominant, to turn negative thoughts around, to give and ask for forgiveness, gain better posture and build confidence in my teaching ability.”
- Chris Floraday

"Be The Love YTT truly enriched my marriage, my pregnancy and labor, the way I look and treat myself and others and my overall life in general.  The training allowed me to grow in unimaginable ways.  It reminded me who I was and helped guide me back onto my destiny path.  The bonus was that I also learned how to be a yoga instructor and after 6 short months I went from not being able to explain how to get into one single pose to feeling extremely comfortable teaching a 90 minute prenatal yoga class!!! I have the support and knowledge I need to go out and be the yoga teacher I want to be thanks to Tiffany and Be The Love YTT!  The journey has only just begun!"
- Alexandra Jacobs

“Tiffany’s best qualities: very clear directions and cues, it gives a great base foundation for starting. She creates a fun learning environment and a unique learning experience that makes learning things such as anatomy easier and memorable. Tiffany exudes humor and is non-judgmental.”

- Anne Foster

“The most important things I learned: to observe my thoughts and life mindfully, that thoughts create experience, to live through love & release ego, and to be open to others. Deepening my physical practice was my main goal coming in and then I found that I received much more.”

- Khristy Powell-Wisson

​"I learned so much more than yoga poses from my Yoga Roots Be The Love 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I learned to love and accept myself for who I am. I learned I don't have to be the best; I just have to do my best. I learned to stop trying to be in control of everything, to just let go and accept life as it happens. I learned to make decisions with my heart and gut instead of my ego. I learned to confront my fears and overcome them. I learned to dance, to sing, to breathe and just be me. I found my tribe and I am grateful for their support, encouragement, compassion, love and light as we traveled this YTT journey both together and separately. Thank you Tiffany Lenau for your patience, guidance, constructive criticism and for not allowing me to give up on myself." 

- Jackie Carson

​“Learning to not BE my emotions - that lesson alone has changed my daily life. Learning to be comfortable in my ‘un-comfortable zone.’ Finding my courage and self-worth.”

- Amanda Bacon

"Tiffany Lenau's 200-hour Be the Love Yoga Teacher Training was a challenging journey that I'll never forget. This experience opened my mind to the spiritual and emotional side of the yoga and meditation practice, and continues to affect my life day to day. This training ignited a spark in my personal transformation that will affect my life forever and prepares me to share and teach yoga to others. The support and feedback, along with laughs and friendships that develop with your fellow students in class, will create unbelievable growth and memories. I'd recommend this training to anyone who has a love and passion for yoga and people!"​  

- Lauren Olsen

“Tiffany is the brightest light. Her warmth can be felt from miles away. The family we were able to create in her peaceful presence through this 200 hour training is something I will hold dear to my heart throughout my entire life. I recommend that anyone that is looking for an experience, journey - that will depend their yoga practice and open their heart to a piece of themselves that they didn't know could shine, this is the training for you! I am so proud of myself, my classmates, and Tiffany for showing me such a beauty in life. “ ​ 

- Gabbi Vandenbrink

​“When I signed up for this class, I had no idea it would change my life forever. I found yoga to help me with my health issues, having no idea it would lead me here. Completing this course has helped me forgive all past wrongs, heal the pain, and gain self love - self confidence. I had no idea how unhappy I was until I truly fell in love with myself. Thank you Tiffany for the gift of a lifetime!”  

- Ashley Valot​