"Be The Love Yoga Teacher Training was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Tiffany’s sense of humor, loving, and lighthearted nature show her compassion to lead us on our journeys. Her desire to educate, share her knowledge, and passion are part of what made the experience so special. Our class was small enough allowing for good direction, instruction, in an intimate setting. Giving us students the ability to grow together as friends, and as family. Creating our own Be The Love community. All of us bonded, became close, and grew together in many ways.
I was challenged in the classroom where I had the constant support of Tiffany and my classmates. I was surprised to find I was also very challenged outside of the classroom. Quickly realizing, life would be forever changed. All was necessary to get the best training possible. Learn and grow is exactly what I did. Surrendering to the change. Be The Love is so much more than the asanas. Be The Love and Tiffany gave me my life back. Gave me the tools to navigate through anything, in a healthy, safe, and loving way. I had no idea I would come out of this so full of love, and the drive to live life to the fullest. Ready to share the knowledge, my heart with anyone who will listen. Peace is possible. Programs and people like this prove it."

- Jenny Pearsall
"This training comes with permanent lifelong benefits. There is no better investment! Tiffany’s instruction is a shining demonstration of how to live your best possible life. Her truthfulness, grace, patience, and support guided me to be physically and mentally healthy. I have since discovered my own path to spiritual leadership, growth, and healing. My experience at Be The Love came with a community of loving and accepting souls. Having a support system was one of the qualities of the training that helped me learn the most. The connections I made with my classmates were unexpected, yet stronger bonds were formed than I could have anticipated. A piece of my heart belongs at Yoga Roots." 
- Katie Marchbanks

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"Be the Love yoga teacher training is life-changing. If you choose to embark on this journey, be prepared to transform. Tiffany's training will not only make you the best possible yoga instructor, but it will also show you the true meaning of unconditional love. The process of becoming a yoga instructor will challenge you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Think of this training as a cleansing of the soul. I will never forget how special and rare this time in my life was. I am a better, brighter, happier person because of it. I recommend this experience to all humans. Namaste!"
- Ren K